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Studies on Meiotic Behavious of F-1 and Fertility Restoration in Hybrid of Gossypium herbaceum× G. bickii

Liang Zheng-lan, Jiang Ru-qin and Zhong Wen-nan   

  • Published:1994-12-31

Abstract: By dropping GA3 (50 ppm) and NAA (40 ppm) on hybrid boll and embryo culture in vitro, The authors obtained two Fl plants of Gossypium herbaceum × G. bickii in 1980. 19 charcters of Fl plants have been exmined, of which 8 characters were intermediate, 3 were superdominance, and other 8 characters of the wild parent were dominant. The F1 plant had two types of flowers. On the lower fruit-branches the flowers were very small (0. 5 cm in length) and did not bloom (cleistogamy), but on the middle and upper branches the flowers were very large (4.4 cm in length), pink in color with dark purple spots and kept blooming normally (chasmogame). The bract shape were lanceolate and out-spread. These traits were all like G. bickii. Two F1 plants were both male and female sterile. In meiosis of PMC, mean chromosome configuration was 17.77 Ⅰ +3.85 Ⅱ +0.77 Ⅲ +0. 77 Ⅳ. Mean number of chiasmta of per bivalents was 1.22. The irregular behavious, such as lagging chromosome, muhipolar distripution of chromosome and chromosome clump etc. were observed in MI and A Ⅰ. At M Ⅱ, authors had found 5 spindles forming in one cell simultaneously, and 2 of them were formed from a single chromosome. After 11 years survival, one F1 plant sets five bolls containing 17 normal seeds in the green house of 1992. This fact showed that fertility of this Fl plant was restored in certain degree. These seeds were proved of glandless after examining. It was noteworthy that the traits of glanded plant and glandless-seed of G. bickii was transfered into the hybrid.

Key words: Gossypium berbaceum, G. bickii, Interspecific hybridization

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