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J Integr Plant Biol, 1991, 33 (12): -, Research Article
Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on the Organ Development of
Longan Flower [Euphoria longan (Lour.) Steud.] Xu Shi-xiong (S. Y. Zee)
The pattern of development of the floral parts of Longan flower was followed using scanning electron microscope. Floral initiation begins with the formation of calyx protrusions around the floral apex. After the calyx protrusions have appeared, the petal primordia at the base of the floral apex start to appear and then followed by the androecium primordia which appear at the periphery of the floral apex. Gynoecium formation begins much later (at about 30 days after floral initiation). In the male flower, androecium develops normally forming anthers and filaments. Anthers also develop in the female flowers but they are smaller and the filaments much shorter. Gynoecium in the female flower is well developed and when mature it produces a long style, a two-prong-stigma and two ovaries. In the male flower the gynoecium is poorly developed the style is short and the stigma seldom splits. Ovaries are also poorly developed in the male flower. In addition to male and female flowers, Longan also forms a number of abnormal flowers with poorly developed androecium and gyn6ecium. Male and female flowers only become apparent at about 40 days after the initiation of flower differentiation. Prior to this it is difficult to know whether a particular developing flower is going ultimately to become a male or female flower. The formation of abnormal flowers also become obvious' at about 40 days after the initiation of flower differentation.
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