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J Integr Plant Biol, 1995, 37 (9): -, Research Article
Change in Cytokinin Levels in Reproductive Organs of Nicotiana tabacum Before and After Pollination
Yang Zhong-han, Yang Ying-zhou and Cao Zong-xun(Tsao T H)
Immunoaffinity systems and indirect competitive ELISA were used to determine the changes of cytokinin (CTK) content in reproductive organs of Nicotiana tabacum before and after pollination. It was found that t-ZR and iPA existed in all reproductive organs tested, and their contents were higher in female than in male organs. On the 5th day before anthesis. CTK reached its peak value in anthers and filaments, then it declined. In styles, CTK content increased after pollination and reached its peak one day later. In ovaries, levels of CTK began to increase two days after pollination and reached its peak two days later, just at the time when fertilization took place. If unpollinated, CTK levels decreased both in styles and ovaries. Pollination and fertilization resulted in an increment of CTK in pistils, accompanied with the process of pollen germinfition and pollen tube growth. It could thus be inferred that t-ZR and iPA played some active role in pollination and fertilization.
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