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Ultrastructure of Male Gametophyte in wheat I. The Formation of Generative and Vegetative Cells

Hu shi-yi, Zhu Cheng, Xu Li-yun, Li Xiu-ru and Shen Jia-heng   

Abstract: The present study of the formation of the generative and vegetative cells in wheat has demonstrated some cytological details at the ultrastructural level. The phragmoplast formed in telophase of the first microsporic mitosis extended centrifugally until it connected with the intine of the pollen grain. A new cell wall was then formed to separate the generative and the vegetative cells. By unequal cytokinesis the former is small and the latter large. In early developmental stage of male gametophyte, the organelles in the cytoplasm of the generaVive cell and the vegetative cells are similar, including mitochondria, dictyosomes, rough endoplasmic retieulum, free and clustered ribosomes and plastids, but microtubules were observed only in the early cytokinesis stage. In the further developmental stage of the male gemetophyte, the generative cell gradually detached from the intine of pollen grain and grew inward to the cytoplasm of the vegetation cell. When the generative cell became round and free in the cytoplasm of the vegetative cell, the wall materials between plasma membranes of the cytoplasm of the generative and the vegetative cells disappeared completely, so that it was a naked cell with a double-layer membrane at this time. The heterogeneity between both cells was then very conspiceous. The organelles in the cytoplasm of the generative cell have hardly any changed besides the degeneration of plastids, but in vegetative cytoplasm the mitochondria and plastids increased dramatically both in number and size. The rapid deposition of starch in the plastids of the cytoplasm of the vegetative cell made the most conspicuous feature of the vegetative cell in mature pollen grain. The significance of the presence of a temporary cell wall in generative cell and heterogeneity between generative and vegetative cells are discussed.

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