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The Study of the Chinese Drugs of Umbelliferae I. on the Chemical Constituents of the Roots of Angelica apaensis Shah et Yuan, Heracleum rapula Fr., and Heracleum scabridurn Fr.

Sun Han-dong, Lin Zhong-wen and Niu Fang-ti   

Abstract: The ether extract of the root of Angelica apaensis Shan et Yuan growing in the Tongtchouan, Yunnan, afforded six kinds of linear furocoumarins: oxypeucedanin, isoimperatorin, oxypeucedahin hydrate, byakangelicol, byakangelicin and a compound, mp. 138–142 ℃, C16H14O5, which was presumed from UV, IR spectra as linear furocou- marin derivative having C5-substituent in molecule. The exctract also yieled β-sitosterol, γ-sitosterol, lignoceric acid, essential oil (0.24%) and two white crystalline substances, mp. 272–275 ℃ and mp. 72–75 ℃ respectively. Ether extract of the root of Heracleum rapula Fr. growing wild in the Kunming, Yunnan, afforded five kinds of coumarins: osthol, imperatorin, isopimpinellin, (+) marmesin and heraclenol. In addition, the essential oil (0.36%) was also Obtained. Dried roots of Heracleum scabridum Fr. growing in Kunming were extracted with ether, afforded four kinds of coumarins: isobergapten, pimpinellin, isopimpinellin and sphondin. In addition, imperatorin and marmesin were detected by thin-layer chromatography.

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