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Special Issue: Abiotic stress

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The involvement of wheat U‐box E3 ubiquitin ligase TaPUB1 in salt stress tolerance

Wenlong Wang1†, Wenqiang Wang2†,*, Yunzhen Wu1, Qinxue Li1, Guangqiang Zhang1, Ruirui Shi1, Junjiao Yang1, Yong Wang1 and Wei Wang1*   

  1. 1State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, Shandong Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, College of Life Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, Tai’an 271018, China
    2College of Life Sciences, Zaozhuang University, Zaozhuang 277000, China

    These authors contributed equally to this work.
    Email: Wei Wang (wangw@sdau.edu.cn, Dr. Wang is fully responsible for the distribution of all materials associated with this article); Wenqiang Wang (wangwenqiang881202@163.com)
  • Received:2019-01-11 Accepted:2019-05-16 Online:2019-05-23 Published:2020-05-01


U‐box E3 ubiquitin ligases play important roles in the ubiquitin/26S proteasome machinery and in abiotic stress responses. TaPUB1‐overexpressing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) were generated to evaluate its function in salt tolerance. These plants had more salt stress tolerance during seedling and flowering stages, whereas the TaPUB1‐RNA interference (RNAi)‐mediated knock‐down transgenic wheat showed more salt stress sensitivity than the wild type (WT). TaPUB1 overexpression upregulated the expression of genes related to ion channels and increased the net root Na+ efflux, but decreased the net K+ efflux and H+ influx, thereby maintaining a low cytosolic Na+/K+ ratio, compared with the WT. However, RNAi‐mediated knock‐down plants showed the opposite response to salt stress. TaPUB1 could induce the expression of some genes that improved the antioxidant capacity of plants under salt stress. TaPUB1 also interacted with TaMP (Triticum aestivum α‐mannosidase protein), a regulator playing an important role in salt response in yeast and in plants. Thus, low cytosolic Na+/K+ ratios and better antioxidant enzyme activities could be maintained in wheat with overexpression of TaPUB1 under salt stress. Therefore, we conclude that the U‐box E3 ubiquitin ligase TaPUB1 positively regulates salt stress tolerance in wheat.

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