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Effect of Photoperiod on Ca2+-ATPase Distribution in Photoperiod-Sensitive Cytoplasmic Male-Sterile Wheat During Anther Development

MENG Xiang-Hong, WANG Jian-Bo, LI Rong-Qian   


Potassium antimontate was used to locate Ca2+ in fertile and sterile anthers of photoperiod-sensitive cytoplasmic male-sterile wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).The quantity and distribution of calcium precipitates change in microspore and pollen during microsporogenesis and pollen development.The calcium precipitates gradually accumulated on the surface of tetraspore or pollen until pollen mature. They were abundant on the surface of the trinucleate pollen,but not in the cytoplasm.Calcium was transported in anther wall and intervening connective tissue via symplast and apoplast system,meeting the need of microspore and pollen development.Abortive pollens were observed in the anthers developed under long daylight exposure. Abundant calcium precipitates were distributed along the edge of the degradatived pollen plasma and in the locular matrix,but little in the anther wall and intervening connective tissue of the early abortive pollen.Calcium precipitates accumulated on the surface of pollen was less than fertile pollen,but abundant calcium appear in the epiderms,endotheciums,middle layers of anther wall and cells of connective tissue.The results indicate that abnormalities in the distribution of calcium correlate with the failure of pollen development in photoperiod-sensitive cytoplasmic male-sterile wheat.

孟祥红 王建波* 利容千

摘要:应用铅沉淀法 ,研究了不同光照条件下光敏胞质不育小麦 (Triticumaestivum L .)可育花药和不育花药发育过程中Ca2 +-ATPase的分布。短日照可育条件下 ,单核早期至成熟花粉 ,Ca2 + -ATPase在花粉表面、外壁内先增加后减少 ,在花粉内壁及质膜上逐渐增加 ,在胞质内分布较少 ;成熟花粉的营养细胞核仁内有大量Ca2 +-ATPase分布 ,精细胞核仁内亦有Ca2 + -ATPase分布。乌氏体上、绒毡层细胞内或其解体残留物上有大量Ca2 + -ATPase的分布 ,药壁其他细胞亦有Ca2 + -ATPase分布。自单核期开始 ,长日照不育条件下花药内Ca2 +-ATPase分布与短日照下相比有以下差异 :花粉质膜上Ca2 + -ATPase虽逐渐增多 ,但与同时期短日照下相比明显减少 ;其内壁发育不完善 ,无或少有Ca2 + -ATPase的分布 ;花粉表面、外壁内、乌氏体表面及药壁细胞内分布较少 ;但绒毡层外膜、表皮与药室内壁细胞间隙内有明显Ca2 + -ATPase分布。对花粉发育过程中Ca2 +-ATPase的来源、在维持Ca2 + 稳态中的作用及其与花粉败育的关系作了讨论。

关键词: 光敏胞质不育;小麦;花药发育;Ca2 +-ATPase;细胞化学

Key words: photoperiod-sensitive cytoplasmic male-sterility, Triticum aestivum, anther development, photoperiod, potassium antimonte precipitates, Ca2+

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