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Isolation and Characterization of a Mitochondrial atp6 Gene from Soybean (Glycine max)

HE Chao-Ying, WU Xiao-Lei, ZHANG Jin-Song, GAI Jun-Yi, CHEN Shou-Yi   


Mitochondrial ATPase (mtATPase) complex plays vital roles in higher plants. It consists of a few subunits. In the present study, a new copy of the mtATPase subunit 6 (EC gene (atp6) was cloned and characterized from Glycine max (L.) Merr., which has the shortest opening reading frame of 223 amino acids in all organisms examined and designated as the atp6 copy3 (atp6 -3). PCR amplifications of the atp6-3 from 9 soybean cultivars combined with sequencing analysis suggested its wide occurrence in G. max. RFLP analysis of a RILs population implied that paternal inheritance of the atp6 -3 might occur in G. max at undetermined frequency. Under salicylic acid (SA)-treated condition, the expression of the atp6 gene was significantly inhibited. The possible role of this inhibition was discussed.

贺超英1 吴晓雷1 张劲松1 盖钧镒2 陈受宜1*

(1. 中国科学院遗传研究所植物生物技术实验室,北京100101;2.  南京农业大学大豆研究所,南京210095)

摘要: 线粒体ATP酶 (mtATPase)复合体在高等植物生命活动中起重要作用。从栽培大豆 (Glycinemax (L .)Merr.)中分离鉴定了一个新的mtATPase第六亚基 (EC 3.6 .1.34 )基因 (atp6 ) ,它编码具 2 2 3个氨基酸的ATP6亚基 ,是所有已克隆的atp6基因中最短的一个 ,并把它命名为atp6 copy3(atp6-3)。通过对 9种栽培大豆的PCR分析及序列分析表明atp6-3广泛存在于栽培大豆中。以atp6-3为探针对大豆重组近交系的RFLP分析初步表明栽培大豆线粒体有父性遗传的可能性。水杨酸处理明显抑制atp6的表达 ,并对其可能作用进行了讨论。
关键词: 栽培大豆;线粒体)+,- 基因;负调控;水杨酸

Key words: Glycine max, mitochondrial atp6, down-regulation, salicylic acid

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