J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2001, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (10): 1003-1010.

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Cytodifferentiation of the Seeds (Protocorms) and Vegetative Propagation Corms Colonized by Mycorrhizal Fungi

XU Jin-Tang and FAN Li   


The stipecell, subepidermal parenchyma cells and inner cortical parenchyma cells were differentiated from Gastrodia elata Bl. seed and protocorm cells when they were colonized by the fungal hyphae of Mycena osmundicola Lange and M. orchidicola Fan et Guo. The hyphae aggregated in the suspensor remnant surrounding stipecell, primarily penetrated the stipecell, and then colonized the embryo of seed. Stipecell is the unique invading site of the hyphae. Subepidermal parenchyma cells containing pelotons of hyphae is also a kind of passage cells of hyphae, but, when primarily colonized by hyphae, they can degenerate a little of hyphae. The hyphae colonizing inner cortical parenchyma cells were totally degenerated, and the function of inner ocrtical parenchyma cells is digestive. The vegetative propagation corms, which differentiated from protocorms, were recolonized by Armilariella mellea (Vahl:Fr.) Karst., and the hyphae of A. mellea and M. osmundicola were found in the same cell, but there is a layer of cells uncolonized by mycorrhizal fungal hyphae. This means the two fungal species can not crisscross colonize the cell of G. elata.

天麻种子 / 原球茎和营养繁殖茎被菌根真菌定殖后的细胞分化
徐锦堂 范黎*


摘要:天麻(Gastrodia elata Bl.)种子可与紫萁小菇(Mycena osmundicola Lange)、兰小菇(M. orchidicola Fan et Guo)等一类小菇属真菌共生萌发形成原球茎.侵入种皮的菌丝集结在柄状细胞外周的胚柄残迹中,首先侵入胚的柄状细胞,然后自柄状细胞侵入其他原胚细胞.原胚细胞发生功能分化,形成菌丝结细胞和消化细胞.初被菌丝定殖的原胚细胞具有消化菌丝的功能.随后,部分原胚细胞逐渐被菌丝充满,发育成菌丝结细胞.菌丝由菌丝结细胞进一步侵入消化细胞后最终被消化.由原球茎分化形成的营养繁殖茎(以下简称营繁茎)进一步被蜜环菌(Armilariella mellea (Vahl:Fr.) Karst.)定植,蜜环菌与紫箕小菇的菌丝同时存在于营繁茎中,但两菌相遇时都停止蔓延,互不交错侵染.

关键词: 天麻;小菇属;蜜环菌;菌丝通道;共生

Key words: Gastrodia elata , Mycena , Armilariella mellea , passage cells of hyphae, symbiosis

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