J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2001, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (4): 431-434.

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A New Cyclic Octopeptide from Schnabelia oligophylla

ZHOU Yan, WANG Ming-Kui, PENG Shu-Lin, DING Li-Sheng   


From the methanol extract of the whole plant of Schnabelia oligophylla Hand.-Mazz. (Lamiaceae), a new cyclic octopeptide, named schnabepeptide (1), was isolated by silica gel chromatography. Its structure was elucidated by spectroscopic analyses and the absolute configuration of the amino acid units, except for proline and glycine, were assigned by chiral HPLC analysis. Bio-assay showed that schnabepeptide (1) exhibited an immunosuppression activity on T/B lymphocytes. Along with the new compound, seven known compounds, octadeca-9,16-dioxo-10(E),12(Z),14(E)-trienoic acid (2), 12,16-epoxy-11,14-dihydroxy-17(15→16),18(4→3)-diabeo-abieta-3,5,8,11,13,15-hexene-2,7-dione (teuvincenone F, 3), abscisic acid (4), β-sitosterol (5), daucosterol (6), stigmasteryl 3-O-β- D -glucopyranoside (7) and palmitic acid (8), were also isolated from this plant.

周燕 王明奎 彭树林 丁立生*


摘要:从四棱草(Schnabelia oligophylla Hand.-Mazz.)全草的甲醇提取物中分离得到一个新的环八肽,命名为四棱草环肽(1)。用波谱方法鉴定了1的结构,并通过HPLC手性柱分析指定了除脯氨酸和甘氨酸外的氨基酸的绝对构型。活性实验显示,四棱草环肽(1)对T/B淋巴细胞有免疫抑制作用。另外,从该植物中还分离鉴定了7个已知化合物。

关键词: 唇形科;四棱草;四棱草环肽

Key words: Lamiaceae, Schnabelia oligophylla , schnabepeptide

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