J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (2): 164-167.

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Effect of Localized Scorch on the Transport and Distribution of Exogenous Jasmonic Acid in Vicia faba

LIU Xin, ZHANG Shu-Qiu, LOU Cheng-Hou and YU Feng-Yi   


Exogenous jasmonic acid (JA) has been showed to be able to induce stomatal closure in Vicia faba L. in previous investigations. The transport and distribution of 3H JA affected by localized scorch on V. faba seedling were studied with radioisotope technique. The results showed that 3H JA could be transported up or down at the rate of 4-5 cm/min following feeding into root or shoot tip. The transport of 3H JA in shoot reached a relative stable rate at 30 min after being fed through root. Wounding by scorch in the youngest leaf caused an increase in the transport of 3H JA from root to shoot and enhanced the distribution of 3H JA in the wounded leaf. However, distribution of 3H JA in unwounded leaves increased after 5 h being fed through the youngest leaf. It was noticed that wounding improved accumulation of 3H JA in abaxial epidermis. Consistent results were obtained: wounding prevented transport of 3H JA out from the youngest leaf to root; These observations suggest that JA plays an important role as a defense signal and might be involved in the regulation of the stomatal movement in response to wounding stress.


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(1. 莱阳农学院基础部,莱阳,2652002. 中国农业大学生物学院,植物生理学与生物化学国家重点实验室,北京,1000943. 中国农业科学院原子能利用研究所,北京,100094)

摘要:用示踪技术研究了3H-JA (jasmonic acid)在双子叶植物蚕豆(Vicia faba L.)中的运输和分配规律以及局部灼伤对其运输与分配的影响.外源3H-JA 能够以高于45 cm*min-1的速率在蚕豆幼苗体内向上和向下运输.幼叶局部灼伤能提高3H-JA的向上运输能力,促进3H-JA向受伤部位的调运;增加3H-JA向成熟叶片下表皮的运输分配比率;阻止3H-JA从受伤部位的向外输出.据此推测,伤胁迫下JA的运输与分配的改变可能与植物体防御伤反应密切相关,并有可能参与了对气孔运动的调控.


关键词 茉莉酸 运输 分配 伤胁迫 伤信号 蚕豆



Key words: jasmonic acid, transport, distribution, wounding stress, wounding signal, Vicia faba

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