J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (3): 362-366.

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Anatomical Structure of Leaf Cushion of Lepidodendron lepidophloides Yao

WANG Shi Jun, TIAN Bao Lin, CHEN Gui Ren   


The isolated and anatomically preserved lepidodendralean leaf cushions were described from coal balls in Wangjiazhai Formation (upper Upper Permian) in western Guizhou Province. These leaf cushions are very similar to Lepidodendron lepidophloides Yao both in size and morphology. They probably belong to the same species in different preservative condition. Comparisons on morphology and anatomy of L. lepidophloides and lepidodendralean leaf cushion genera, such as Lepidodendron, Lepidophloios, Sigillaria and Cathaysiodendron revealed that L. lepidophloides possesses mixed features of all these genera and it can not be assigned into any of them without doubt. It probably represents a new genus. Because the anatomical features of the other parts of the stem as well as the fertile organs related to these leaf cushions are unknown, the specific name L. lepidophloides is adopted. We leave this taxonomic problem open till the relationship between these leaf cushions and the stem and fertile organs become clear. This is the first report on the detailed anatomical features of the Cathaysian lepidodendraleanleaf cushions.

鳞皮鳞木Lepidodendron lepidophloides Yao叶座的解剖构造

王士俊1  田宝霖2  陈贵仁2


摘要:描述了贵州水城矿区汪家寨组(晚二叠世晚期)煤核中一种脱落的具解剖构造的鳞木类叶座.这些叶座在大小和形态上与鳞皮鳞木(Lepidodendron lepidophloides Yao)很相似,很可能属于同一种植物的不同保存类型的叶座.将鳞皮鳞木与已知几个鳞木类植物叶座属,如鳞木属、鳞皮木属、封印木属和华夏木属进行了对比,认为鳞皮鳞木具有这几个属的混合特征,将其归入上述任何一属似乎都不太妥当.该类植物有可能代表了一个新属.由于茎的其他部分构造不明以及这些叶座与生殖构造的联系目前尚不清楚,因此,本文暂时采用鳞皮鳞木这一种名,其确切归属留待对其茎的其他部分的解剖构造以及与生殖器官之间的联系都清楚了以后再行决定.首次较详细地报道华夏植物区鳞木类植物叶座的解剖构造.

关键词 华夏植物群 晚二叠世 煤核 鳞皮鳞木 叶座 解剖 


Key words: Cathaysian Flora, Later Permian, coal balls, Lepidodendron lepidophloides, leaf cushion, anatomy

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