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Analysis of Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Wheat Based on Expressed Sequence Tags (EST) Technique

LUO Meng, KONG Xiu Ying, JIANG Tao, JIA Chuan, ZHOU Rong Hua, JIA Ji Zeng*   


Powdery mildew is a serious disease of wheat in China. As part of ITEC (International Triteace EST cooperation), EST (expressed sequence tags) technique was used to explore the gene expression in leaf induced by Erysiphe graminis DC. A conventional cDNA library was constructed, and a total of 1 500 clones picked randomly from the library were sequenced, three hundred and eighty seven ESTs of them were unique, which got the Accession Number in GenBank. About 49.4% ESTs showed significant similarity to functions of known sequences in GenBank. There are 196 ESTs' with functions not able to be determined, and eighty four ESTs were demonstrated to be novel sequences. High density dot membranes from unique clones were produced, and several disease resistance related genes were screened by differential hybridization.


骆蒙  孔秀英  姜涛  贾川  周荣华  贾继增*


白粉病是我国小麦的主要病害之一.尝试用表达序列标签(expressed sequence tags, EST)技术,研究了经白粉病菌诱导后的小麦基因表达.从构建的普通cDNA文库中随机挑取约1 500个阳性克隆并进行测序, 获不重复ESTs序列387.不重复序列均获GenBank的存储号.其中49.4%的序列与已知基因同源,196条序列功能未知, 84条序列为新ESTs.将不重复序列制备成高密度点阵膜,用差示杂交法筛选到几个抗病相关序列.

关键词 小麦 白粉病 表达序列标签 抗病相关基因

*通讯作者 Email: jizeng@mimi.cnc.ac.cn


Key words: wheat, Erysiphe graminis, expressed sequence tags, disease resistance gene

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