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Effects of Controlled Atmospheres with High-O2 or High-CO2 Concentrations on Postharvest Physiology and Storability of ?°Napoleon?± Sweet Cherry

JIANG Ai-Li, TIAN Shi-Ping* and XU Yong   

  • Published:2002-08-21


Sweet cherries (Prunus avium L. cv. Napoleon) were stored in controlled atmospheres (CA) of high O2(70% O2+0% CO2) or high CO2(5% O2+10% CO2), in modified atmosphere package (MAP, (13%-18%) O2+(2%-4%) CO2) and in air (control) at 1 ℃ to investigate the effects of different O2 and CO2 concentrations on physiological properties, quality and storability of the fruits during storage. The results indicated that compared with other treatments, CA with high O2 concentration decreased fruit decay and ethanol content, but increased the accumulation of malondialdehyde (MDA) and stimulated browning. CA with high CO2 concentration inhibited polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity, reduced MDA content, maintained vitamin C content and firmness, decreased fruit decay and browning. Soluble solids contents (SSC) were not significantly affected by different atmosphere treatments. “Napoleon” fruits stored in 5% O2+10% CO2 for as long as 80 d were of good quality, but only 40, 20 and 30 d stored in MAP, 70% O2+ 0% CO2 and air, respectively.

高O2或高CO 2浓度气调贮藏对“那翁”甜樱桃采后生理和贮藏性的影响
姜爱丽 田世平*徐 勇

研究了甜樱桃品种“那翁” (Prunusavium L .cv .Napoleon)在 1℃的高O2 浓度气调 (CA_I:70 %O2  +0 %CO2  )、高CO2  浓度气调 (CA-II:5 %O2  +10 %CO2  )、自发气调 (modifiedatmospherepackage ,MAP)和普通冷藏条件下果实生理、品质、耐藏性的变化。结果表明 :与其他处理相比 ,高O2  浓度的气调可以抑制果实腐烂、减少果肉中乙醇含量 ,但果实的丙二醛 (MDA)含量迅速上升、褐变严重。高CO2 浓度的气调能有效抑制MDA含量上升的速率和多酚氧化酶 (PPO)活性 ,保持果实硬度和维生素C含量 ,减少果实腐烂和褐变 ,延长贮藏寿命。不同处理对果实可溶性固形物含量的影响不大。“那翁”甜樱桃在 5 %O2  +10 %CO2  气调中贮藏 80d能保持果实固有的风味品质。在MAP下 ,70 %O2  +0 %CO2  和普通冷藏中的适宜贮藏期分别为 4 0d、2 0d和 30d。

关键词: 甜樱桃;生理特性;品质;耐贮性;高O2浓度;高CO2浓度

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Key words: sweet cherry, physiological properties, quality, storability, high O2 concentrations, high CO2 concentrations

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