J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2003, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (1): 64-67.

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Construction of a Tapetum_Specific and Tetracycline_Inducible System

TANG Sun-Yong,YU Bo-Lan,NIU Heng-Yao,ZHANG Li-Ming,SUN Yong-Ru,LI Wen-Bin   


A regulated gene expression system would offer the unique opportunity to study the gene physiological functions at different developmental stages. For realizing gene special expression in plant anther at given time, we constructed a new system that combined tetracycline_inducible elements with TA29 promoter, a tapetum_specific promoter of tobacco. The system was tested in transient GUS assay system by electroporation (gene gun) transformation of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Winsconsin 38) anther. In the absence of tetracycline as the inducer, no GUS activity was detected. However, strong GUS expression was observed in tapetum tissue upon tetracycline induction, and little GUS activity was found outside the tapetum. Our results suggested that gene expression can be restricted to a specific tissue at the given time under the control of this new system, and this system would be a very useful tool for both basic plant biology research and biotechnological applications.


唐孙勇 余波澜 牛恒尧 张利明 孙勇如 李文彬

摘要: 如果获得一种可以特异调控基因表达的系统,对于研究某一基因在各个不同发育时期的功能会有很大的帮助。为了控制外源基因在特定的时间和组织内在转基因植物中表达,将四环素诱导元件和花药绒毡层特异表达启动子TA29结合,构建了一个新的系统。通过基因枪将该系统转入烟草(Nicotiana tabacum L.cv.Wisconsin 38)组织,GUS瞬时表达结果表明,四环素诱导前,没有任何烟草组织染上蓝色,表明该系统不表达;而四环素诱导仅30min 后,花药就染上明显蓝色,而且集中在花药绒毡层。其对照子房在四环素诱导前和诱导后均未染上蓝色。这些结果表明,该系统既是四环素诱导又是花药绒毡层特异表达的。
关键词: 四环素诱导系统;TA29; 植物基因工程


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