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Ultrastructural Changes of the Microtubule in the Generative Cell of Amaryllis vittata Ait. During Mitosis

Cai Xue, Hu Shi-yi and Zhu Cheng   

Abstract: Structural changes of microtubules (MTs) in the generative cell (GC) of Amaryllis vittara Alt. during mitosis in pollen tube have been investigated with electron microscopy. The division cycle was completed approximately within 12 h. During prophase, the MTs bundles distributed in the cortex of the GC, they were less and shorter than that before mitosis, some of which beginning to be near the nucleus. When the chromatin condensed and the GC entered metaphase, the MTs increased in number and distributed among the chromosomes (CHs) in the original nuclear zone, but they were not arranged in distinct bundlesed. Some of them connected with the CHs to form kinetochore MTs (KMTs), where as the cortical MTs in prophase still remained there. During metaphase, the CHs were arranged on the equartor forming a metaphase plate, and all the MTs formed a diffuse spindle. When the GC entered anaphase, the KMTs were shortened and they were involved in the segregation of the CHs into two groups. The MTs were much more and focused in the two polar regions. In late anaphase, while the MTs still existed at the poles, rich phragmoplast MTs appeared in the equator zone and the precusors of cell plate (CP) aggregated in the middle of the phragmoplast. When the GC entered telophase, the CHs diffused as chromatin, and phragmoplast MTs extended between the two newly formed nuclear envelops and even through the CP While the polar MTs and KMTs disappeared, the MTs in the newly formed sperm cells were different from that of the GC.

Key words: Amaryllis vittata, Generative cell, Mitosis, Pollen tube, Microtubules

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