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Distribution, Accumulation, and Cycling of Several Mineral Elements of the Lower Subtropical Evergreen Broad-Leaved Forest in Heishiding Nature Reserve

Chen Zhang-he, Wang Bo-sun, Zhang Hong-da (Chang Hong-ta) and Peng Shao-lin   

Abstract: The distribution, accumulation, and cycling of N, P, K, Na, Ca, and Mg in terms of their concentration in the biomass was quite different from those in soil in Heishiding Nature Reserve (111°53′ E, 23°27′ N). The concentrations of N, Ca and P were higher in plant, and much lower in soil. The average content of the elements in different organs was in the order as: leaf>branch>bark>root>wood, although this was not true for all the elements. Trunk and leaf had the most and the least accumulation of the elements, respectively, and branch and root were comparable. In the forest, most of the elements (97 %) were concen- trated in the tree layer. The total amount of elements in the ecosystem was 3324.2 kg· ha-1 among which N amounted 1470.5, P 51.0, K 1097.7, Na 22.6, Ca 566.2, and Mg 116.2. Yearly absorption of the elements was 432.2 kg · ha-1 among which N amounted 207.1, P 6.5, K 144.9, Na 6.9, Ca 52.6, and Mg 14. 1; and element absorption among different organs accounted as 35.0 kg · ha-1 · a-1 in wood, 14.8, in bark, 66.1 in branch, 143.2 in leaf, 25.3 in root, and 147.7 in fine root (D<3 mm). Total return of the elements from litterfall, death and fallen trees was 311.8 kg · ha-1 · a-1, among which N accounted for 154.3, P 4.7, K 102.1, Na 6.2, Ca 34.5, and Mg 10.0. Return from different organs was: wood 10.2, bark 4.3, branch 17.0, leaf 123.0, root (not in- cluding fine root) 9.4, and fine root 147.7. Total retention was 120.4 kg · ha-1 · a-1 among which N accounted for 52.8, P 1.8, K 42.8, Na 0. 7, Ca 18. 1, and Mg 4.1; retention in different organs was: wood 24.8, bark 10.5, branch 49.1, leaf 20. 2, and root 15.9. Ca, Mg and P have higher cycling and utilization efficiencies.

Key words: Mineral element, Cycling, Evergreen broad-leaved forest, Subtropic

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