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Studies on the Free Amino Acid Content in Anthers of Malesterile and Fertile Plants of Taigu Wheat, with Special Reference to Free Proline Content

Zhu Guang-lian, Dens Xing-wang, Zuo Wei-neng and Cao Zong-xun (T. H. Tsao)   

Abstract: Biochemical analyses were made on anthers and pistils at various developmental stages of both male-sterne and fertile plants of Taigu wheat. Analyses ineluded total free amino aeids and free proline. The following results were obtained: 1. There was no significant difference between the content of free proline in anthers of male-sterile and fertile plants at reduction division of mierospore mother cells. 2. In anthers with early uninucleate miorospores, the content of free proline of fertile plants was remarkably higher than that of male-sterile plants. It is interesting to note that at this stage the content of free proline in fertile plants rose to 1.65% of the dry weight of the anther, constituting 50% of the total free amino acids, and amounted to 7-fold of that in male-sterile plants. This result is in line with the results obtained with most cytoplasmic malesterile plants reported by other workers, although malesterility in Taigu wheat is controlled by the nueleus. 3. In pistils, at the stages eorresponding to the early uninneleate and the binueleate stages of the pollen, the free proline content of fertile plants was twice as much as that of the male-sterile plants. This differenee disappeared gradually after fertilization. 4. Tile content of total free amino aoids did not fluetuate as much as the free proline content. There was no differenee in anthers of both types of plants during reduction division of mierospore mother cells. In anthers with early uninueleate pollen grains, total free amino acid content of fertile plants exceeded that of male-sterile plant, the difference levelled off at latter stages. In pistils, before fertilization, the content of total free amino acids of the fertile phmts was slightly higher than that of the male-sterile plants. After fertilization t}fis difference was no nmre noticeable.

Key words: Free proline, Nuclear male-sterility, Pollen, Anther, Wheat

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