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Circumscriptions and Phylogenetic Relationships of Primula Sects. Auganthus and Ranunculoides: Evidence from nrDNA ITS Sequences

HAO Gang, HU Chi-Ming and LEE Nam-Sook   


The circumscriptions of sections Auganthus Pax ex Balf. f. and Ranunculoides Chen et C. M. Hu in the genus Primula L. have been controversial, due to the different treatments of P. filchnerae Knuth. We conducted a phylogenetic analysis using sequences from the ITS region of nuclear ribosomal DNA. All five species of these two sections and some representatives of other related sections were sampled. The ITS trees show that P. filchnerae could be convincingly placed in sect.Auganthus, together with P. sinensis Sabine ex Lindl. and P. rupestris Balf. f. et Farrer, whereas sect. Ranunculoides contains two species: P. cicutariifolia Pax and P. merrilliana Schltr. These two sections are distantly related and their association with other sections needs further studies. This study also demonstrated that ITS sequences would be a suitable marker for the reconstruction of Primula phylogeny.

报春花属藏报春组、毛茛叶报春组的界定和系统发育关系:核糖体DNA ITS序列证据

郝刚 胡启明 李南淑

(1. 中国科学院华南植物研究所系统演化植物学中心,广州 5106502. Deparmen of Biology, Euha Womans University, Seoul 120-750, Korea)

摘要:报春花属(Primula L.)藏报春组(sect. Auganthus Pax ex Balf. f.)和毛茛叶报春组(sect. Ranunculoides Chen et C. M. Hu)的界定一直是没有解决的问题.应用核糖体DNA ITS序列数据探讨其系统发育关系.取样包括藏报春组和毛茛叶报春组的全部5个种以及其他一些相关组的代表种.ITS系统树表明,陕西羽叶报春(P. filchnerae Knuth)应与藏报春(P. sinensis Sabine ex Lindl.)和野藏报春(P. rupestris Balf. f. et Farrer)一起置于藏报春组;毛茛叶报春组只含两种:毛茛叶报春(P. cicutariifolia Pax)和安徽羽叶报春(P. merrilliana Schltr.).这两组并不具密切亲缘关系,它们在报春花属中与其他组的关系还需进一步研究.研究也表明ITS序列可以为报春花属的系统发育重建提供大量可靠资料.

关键词: 报春花属   藏报春组   毛茛叶报春组   系统发育   ITS   报春花科


Key words: Primula, sect.Auganthus, sect.Ran unculoides, Phylogeny, ITS, Primulaceae

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