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Comparison of Photosynthetic Adaptability Between Kobresia humilis and Polygonum viviparum on Qinghai Plateau

WEI Jie, YU Hui, ZHONG Ze-Pu, KUANG Ting-Yun, BEN Gui-Ying   


The chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of Kobresia humilis Serg. and Polygonum viviparum L. grown at two different altitudes (3200 m, 3980 m) were measured and the ultrastructure of chloroplasts were observed for studying the photosynthetic adaptability of plants to the influences of stress conditions in alpine environment. Rfd -values, the vitality index, in leaves of K. humilis and P.viviparum grown at 3980 m were higher than those at 3200 m. The higher ratio of Fv/Fo and Fv/Fm in leaves of K. humilis and P.viviparum indicated that the rate of photosynthetic conversion of light energy increased at higher altitude. Ratios of Fv/Fo and Fv/Fm and Rfd -values in K.humilis were higher than that in P.viviparum grown at the same altitude. There were more irregular chloroplasts in leaves of both species grown at higher altitude. Many irregular chloroplasts such as swollen thylakoid, deformed chloroplast envelope, were observed in P.viviparum grown at 3980 m, but few in K. humilis . These results were discussed in relation to the photosynthetic adaptability of alpine plants and the different adaptive competence between K.humilis and P.viviparum.

魏 捷1余辉1 钟泽璞1*  匡廷云1 贲桂英2

(1. 中国科学院植物研究所光合作用基础研究开放实验室,北京100093;2. 中国科学院西北高原生物研究所,西宁810001)

摘要:对生长在两个海拔地带 (3 2 0 0m ,3 980m)的矮嵩草 (Kobresiahumilis Serg.)和珠芽蓼 (Polygonumviviparum L .)叶片的叶绿素荧光特性及其叶绿体超微结构进行了比较研究。海拔升高 ,矮嵩草和珠芽蓼叶片的Fv/Fo、Fv/Fm和Rfd值均增大 ,且矮嵩草的Fv/Fo、Fv/Fm Rfd值均大于珠芽蓼。叶绿体超微结构的结果显示 ,海拔升高 ,珠芽蓼和矮嵩草的叶绿体都表现出一定程度的变形 ,但珠芽蓼的叶绿体变形和类囊体膜肿胀现象更为显著。研究表明 ,矮嵩草和珠芽蓼光合作用对高山胁迫环境具有很强的适应性 ,且矮嵩草的适应能力比珠芽蓼强。

关键词: 高山植物;矮嵩草;珠芽蓼;叶绿素荧光;叶绿体超微结构

Key words: alpine plants, Kobresia humilis, Polygonum viviparum , chlorophyll fluorescence, ultrastructure of chloroplast

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