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A Comparative Study of Morphological Responses of Seedling Roots to Drying Soil in 20 Species from Different Habitats (in English)

LIU Zhi-Min   


Rooting depth and root and shoot biomass were measured for seedlings of 20 species in both watered and unwatered sand columns. The species were from habitats of widely varying moisture status, ranging from marsh to desert. Moisture status of the species' habitats was quantified as Ellenberg moisture number. Seedlings were allowed to grow in moist sand for 21 days and were then exposed to the treatments (watered and unwatered) for a further 21 days. Rooting depth of control plants was not correlated with Ellenberg number. Riit depth of plants from dry habitats tended to increase in drying sand, while roots of plants from wet habitats decreased in depth. Plasticity of rooting depth (depth in unwatered/depth in watered sand) was significantly correlated with Ellenberg number (r2=0.56). Plasticity of shoot/root ratio was also correlated with Ellenberg number, but the relationship was weaker than for rooting depth plasticity. Species that showed the greatest pasticity in rooting depth also showed the greatest ability to sustain shoot growth in unwatered sand. There was some evidence that growth of plants from very dry habitats was reduced in the watered treatment. Results of this study suggest that a major, although not the only, adaptation of plants of dry habitats is the ability of their seedlings to exploit deeply buried water resources.



2.NERC Unit of Comparatixe Plant Ecology, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences,Unxersity of Sheffield,Sheffield S 10 2TN,UK;

3.Department of Botany, Unixersity of Guelph,Guelph,Ontario,Canada N1G 2W1

摘要:在浇水和未浇水的塑料管中栽培了 2 0个植物种 ,测量了其幼苗的根深、根重和茎重。这些种的原始生境含水状况差异较大 ,是从沼泽到沙漠的系列。植物种原始生境的水分状况用Ellenberg水分序数定量。幼苗首先在湿沙中生长 2 1d ,然后进入为期也是 2 1d的处理阶段 (浇水和不浇水 )。浇水植株的根深与Ellenberg水分序数无关。在旱化的沙层中 ,源于干旱生境的植物的根深趋向于增加 ,来自湿润生境的则减少。根深塑性 (即未浇水的根深 /浇水的根深 )与Ellenberg水分序数显著相关 (R2 =0 .5 6 ) ,茎 /根比值塑性也与Ellenberg水分序数相关 ,但不如根深塑性的关系明显。根深塑性表现最为明显的植物种具有在未浇水沙层中维持茎生长的最大能力。有迹象表明 ,在浇水处理时 ,来自很干旱生境的植物生长减弱。研究结果表明 :幼苗利用深层水分的能力是植物对干旱生境的主要适应。

关键词: 干旱;E1lenberg序数;塑性;再生第略;根生长;幼苗;茎生长

Key words: drought, Ellenberg number, plasticity, regenerative strategy, root growth, seedlings, shoot growth

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