J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2005, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (5): -.DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7909.2005.00076.x

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Supplemental Cytogeographical Studies on the Scilla sinensis (Louriro) Merrill Complex in China

Kai-Yu DING, Wei WANG, Quan LONG, Biao LI Bing-Yi WANG   

Abstract: Seven hundred and fourteen individuals of the Scilla sinensis (Louriro) Merrill complex were sampled from 21 populations at 19 localities in 10 provinces and two cities of China and investigated cytologically in order to test its cytotype composition and cytogeographical variation still further. Five cytotypes were found (i.e. AA (2n = 16), BB (2n = 18), AABB (2n = 34), AAA (2n = 24), and AABB+9 (2n = 43)). Until now, nine of the 12 cytotypes have been identified on the continent, which indicates that it is an important place for the cytotypic differentiation of the complex. The cytotype AABB+9 is a new record on the continent. AAA was recorded for the second time in this complex. The majority of populations are composed of only one cytotype (AA, BB, or AABB), whereas another four populations consist of more than two cytotypes involving AA, BB, AAA, AABB, and AABB+9. The distribution of BB covers the entire region south to Huai River, whereas AA populations are distributed in Taiwan, Fujian, Hong Kong, and Guangdong and are isolated from its major distribution. The appearance of AABB+9 is possibly evidence for the degeneration of the subglobular bulb type of AABB and the fact that AAA and AAAA exist in the interior border regions of the range of this complex probably suggests that drought is a major factor promoting plant polyploidization. In addition, the mean numbers of B chromosomes per individual, the percentage of individuals with the B chromosome in each population, and the correlation coefficients between the latter and their latitude/longitude were calculated. Generally speaking, the B chromosome number is higher in BB populations compared with AA populations and there is a prominent tendency that the B chromosome content in either AA or BB populations correlates with the latitude and longitude of the populations.

Key words: B chromosome, cytogeography, cytotype, polyploid, Scilla sinensis (Louriro) Merrill.

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