J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2000, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (7): 693-696.

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Cytotoxin-induced Apoptosis in Meristematic Cells of Maize Roots

NING Shun-Bin, SONG Yun-Chun, WANG Ling, LIU Li-Hua   


Cytotoxin agents dactinomycin, cycloheximide and colchicine induced apoptosis processes in the meristematic cells of maize (Zea mays L.) roots were detected respectively at the chromosome, nuclear, and DNA levels simultaneously using DNA Laddering, DNA Gel Blot and chromosome spreading-based in situ end labelling. Non-random degradation of nuclear DNA (DNA Ladder) and characteristic morphological changes of chromatin/chromosome and nucleus such as condensation paralleled with those seen in apoptotic processes in animal cells, suggesting that apoptotic pathway was activated by the tested agents in maize roots in vivo.

宁顺斌 宋运淳* 王玲 刘立华

摘要:同时应用DNALaddering、DNAGelBlot以及基于染色体涂片的原位末端标记技术 ,从染色体、细胞核和DNA不同水平对细胞毒素类药物放线菌D、放线菌酮和秋水仙碱诱导的玉米 (ZeamaysL .)根尖分生组织细胞死亡作了检测。结果表明 :同动物中一样 ,这些药物诱导的玉米根尖分生组织细胞死亡也具有DNALadder、染色质和细胞核浓缩等典型的凋亡特征 ,说明这些细胞毒素类药物能够诱导植物体内的细胞凋亡。

关键词: 细胞凋亡;植物;细胞毒素类药物;原位末端标记;DNA Ladder

Key words: apoptosis, plant, cytotoxin agents, in situ end labelling, DNA Ladder

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