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Effect of Enhanced UV-B Radiation on Growth, Yield and Stable Carbon Isotope Composition in Glycine max Cultivars

FENG Hu-Yuan, CHEN Tuo, XU Shi-Jian, AN Li-Zhe, QIANG Wei-Ya, ZHANG Man-Xiao, WANG Xun-Ling   


Effects of enhanced ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation on growth, yield and stable carbon isotope composition (δ13C value) in ten cultivars of Glycine max (L.) Merr. were investigated under field conditions. Supplemental UV-B irradiation simulated a 20% stratospheric ozone depletion in Lanzhou on summer solstice day. UV-B radiation reduced biomass and yield in all soybean cultivars by 24.2% and 23.3%, respectively. However, the harvest index increased in 6 of ten soybean cultivars but reduced in 4 cultivars, the average increment was 1.39%. As compared with control, the decrease in δ13C value by UV-B was observed in most cultivars, except in cutlivar “8907-32” increase was found. There were also organ differences of stable carbon isotope composition under enhanced UV-B irradiation. δ13C of roots was the highest and of leaves was the lowest, δ13C value in stem was higher than in seeds. The results indicated that UV-B enhancement might change the metabolic process and the allocation of metabolite.

冯虎元1,2  陈拓 徐世健1 安黎哲1,2 强维亚1 张满效1 王勋陵1*

(1. 兰州大学生命科学学院干旱农业生态国家重点实验室,兰州730000;2.中国科学院寒区旱区环境与工程研究所,兰州730000)

摘要:大田条件下,模拟20%的平流层臭氧层衰减时辐射到地表的紫外线B(UV-B, 280~320 nm) 的增强 ,研究了10个大豆(Glycine max (L.) Merr.)品种根、茎、叶和种子的稳定碳同位素组成(δ13C)、生物量、产量和收获指数的变化。UV-B辐射增加使所有品种的总生物量和产量分别平均下降24.2%和23.3%,10个品种的收获指数平均提高1.39%, 其中6 个品种的收获指数增加,4个减少。与对照相比,UV-B作用下9个品种叶、茎、根和种子中稳定碳同位素(δ13C值)组成降低,一个品种“8907-32”各器官稳定碳同位素组成增加。δ13C值存在器官差异,10个品种的对照组和处理组的δ13C平均值由大到小的顺序是根、茎、种子和叶。结果表明,UV-B可能导致大豆代谢过程及代谢产物的分配发生变化。

关键词: 紫外线( 辐射;生长;产量;稳定碳同位素;大豆

Key words: UV-B radiation, growth, yield, δ13C value, Glycine max

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