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AFLP Fingerprinting Analysis of Elite Hevea brasiliensis Germplasm

LUO An-Ding, CHEN Shou-Cai, WU Kun-Xin, FU Shao-Ping   


There are more than 6 000 clones of Hevea brasiliensis Mull. Ary germplasm in the germplasm garden of Chinese National Key Biotechnology Laboratory for Tropical Crops and some of them are elite germplasm demonstrated by production and previous studies. AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism) fingerprinting analysis was performed on 25 clones (15 of Wickham clones and 10 of Amazon wild clones which possess phenotypes with high-yielding/low-yielding, cold-tolerance/cold-sensitivity, oidium-resistance/oidium-sensitivity, tapping panel dryness (TPD)/healthy) respectively through a 377 DNA sequencer (P. E. Corp.) and PAGE electrophoresis results were analyzed by using GeneScanTMand GenotypeTM Analysis software (P.E.Corp.). The fragment profiles of different clones were obtained. Five hundred and eighteen fragments were generated by two primer combinations screened from 64 primer combinations and 511 fragments appeared to be polymorphic (98.6%). Genetic distance ranged from 0.25 to 0.81 between clones and ranged from 0.07 to 0.17 within RRIM600 clone. A specific 320 bp fragment of the oidium-resistant clones was found through genotype analysis. These results showed that AFLP fingerprints were highly reproducible and powerful and can be widely used in germplasm identification and genetic diversity analysis of Hevea brasiliensis. In addition, based on the AFLP data, cluster analysis was performed. Cluster results showed that all the clones studied were almost clustered into a group one by one. 

AFLP 在橡胶树优异种质研究中的应用
罗安定 陈守才*  吴坤鑫 符少萍

摘要:采用377 DNA测序仪(P.E. Corp.)用AFLP技术对25种分别具有高产/低产、抗白粉病/感白粉病、抗寒/不抗寒、死皮/不死皮性状的橡胶树(Hevea brasiliensis Mull. Ary)无性系(其中Wickham种质15种,Amazon野生橡胶树种质10种)进行了指纹图谱分析.从64对引物组合中选出2对引物组合构建了所有被研究种质的指纹图谱.2对引物共扩增出518条谱带,多态性比率超过98.6%.遗传多样性分析表明,橡胶树种质间遗传距离为0.25~0.81,R RIM600种质内遗传距离为0.07~0.17.通过基因分型分析获得一条大小为320 bp的抗白粉病种质特有的片段.根据以上的AFLP数据进行了聚类分析,结果表明所有被研究种质几乎是依次聚成一个大类.

关键词: 巴西橡胶;AFLP;种质鉴定;遗传多样性

Key words: Hevea brasiliensis, AFLP, germplasm identification, genetic diversity

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