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Discovery and Application of the Companion Fungus Related to Sclerotial Formation from Hyphae of Grifola umbellata

GUO Shun Xing*, WANG Qiu Ying, ZHUANG Wen Ying, ZHANG Ji Hui, XING Xiao Ke   

  • Published:2002-10-21


The companion fungus (Grifola sp.) related to sclerotial formation from hyphae of Grifola umbellata (Pers.) Pilát was isolated from the cavity associated with sclerotia of G. umbellata in natural condition. Experimental results showed that the pure culture of G. umbellata was unable to form sclerotia, whereas sclerotia produced easily in flasks or on trunks when the companion fungus was inoculated together with strain of G. umbellata. The companion fungus is critical for sclerotium formation from hyphae of G. umbellata. Morphological differences were found in cultures of the two fungi. The companion fungus possesses thin walled narrow hyphae, while G. umbellata is of wider hyphae which are either thick or thin walled.

张集慧 郭顺星* 杨峻山 肖培根

 摘要: 从药用植物红豆杉 (Taxuschinensis (Pilg.)Rehd .)的内生真菌———粘帚霉属真菌 (Gliocladium sp .,简称F菌 )菌丝体中分离到 3个化合物 ,根据光谱方法确定了它们的结构。其中 ,(2 0S ,2 2S)-4a-同-2 2-羟基-4-氧杂麦角甾-7,2 4 (2 8)-二烯-3-酮为新化合物 ,化合物 4 ,8,12 ,16_四甲基_1,5 ,9,13_四氧杂环十六烷-2 ,6 ,10 ,14-四酮为首次从该属真菌中分离到 ,6 ,9-环氧麦角甾-7,2 2-二烯-3-羟基为首次从F菌中分离到。

关键词: 红豆杉;(20S,22S&)-4a-同-22-羟基-4-氧杂麦角甾-7,24(28)-二烯-3-1酮;化学成分;粘帚霉属

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Key words: Grifola umbellata, companion fungus, sclerotia

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