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Localization of Phosphorylated Histone H3 at Mitosis and Meiosis in Wheat

YANG Qin, HUANG Xi-Tai, GENG Zhao-Hui and YU Xin-Da   

  • Published:2002-12-21


One of the prominent cell cycle related modifications of histone proteins, whose function is correlated with chromosome condensation, is the phosphorylation of histone H3. Wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) mitotic and meiotic cells were analyzed with indirect immunoflurorescence labeling with an antibody recognizing histone H3 phosphorylated at Serine 10 to study the localization of phosphorylated histone H3 at mitosis and meiosis. Our results showed that, during mitotic division, the phosphorylation of H3 started from early prophase and vanished at telophase, remaining mainly in the pericentromeric regions at metaphase and anaphase. During meiotic division, phosphorylation of H3 initiated at the transition from leptotene to zygotene and remained uniform, along the chromosomes from prophase Ⅰ until telophase Ⅰ, whereas it showed slightly stronger in the pericentromeric regions than along the chromosome arms from metaphase Ⅱ until telophase Ⅱ.The different patterns of H3 phophorylation at mitosis and meiosis in wheat suggested that this evolutionarily conserved post translational chromatin modification might be involved in more roles besides chromosome condensation.

杨 琴 黄熙泰*  耿朝晖 俞新大

摘要: 在细胞周期中 ,与染色质凝集偶联的一类组蛋白修饰是组蛋白H3的磷酸化。运用H3-Ser 10磷酸化的特异性抗体 ,通过间接免疫荧光标记检测了磷酸化组蛋白H3在小麦 (Triticumaestivum L .)有丝分裂与减数分裂细胞中的分布。有丝分裂时 ,H3磷酸化起始于早前期 ,消失于末期 ,在中期与后期 ,H3磷酸化主要分布在着丝粒两侧的异染色质区。减数分裂时 ,H3磷酸化起始于细线期向偶线期转换时 ,并且从前期Ⅰ到后期Ⅰ保持均一分布于整个染色体上 ,直到末期Ⅰ消失 ,而中期Ⅱ与后期Ⅱ在着丝粒两侧的异染色质区的信号略强于染色体臂 ,直至消失于末期Ⅱ。磷酸化组蛋白H3在两类细胞分裂中的不同分布暗示这种保守的翻译后修饰可能发挥着除参与染色体凝集外的更复杂的作用。

关键词: 小麦;有丝分裂;减数分裂;组蛋白%! 磷酸化;免疫荧光标记

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Key words: wheat, mitosis, meiosis, phosphorylated histone H3, immunofluorescence labeling

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