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Comparison of the Effects of H2O2 and Salicylic Acid on Alternative Respiratory Pathway in Aged Potato Tuber Slices

LIANG Wu Sheng, LIANG Hou Guo*   


The influences of exogenous H2O2 and salicylic acid (SA) treatments on the alternative respiratory pathway (ARP) in aged potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tuber slices were compared. The results showed that both H2O2(5.0 mmol/L) and SA (0.1 mmol/L) treatments had a significant inducing effect on ARP capacity (Valt) and its ratio to total respiration (Valt/Vt) in potato slices aged for 24 h. With a monoclonal antibody against the alternative oxidase (AOX), Western blotting results showed that both H2O2 and SA treatments increased the AOX expression levels in aged potato tuber slices. However, the results of oxygen isotope discrimination experiments showed that H2O2 had no influence on the in vivo ARP activity (ρValt) and its contribution to Vt(expressed as ρValt/Vt) in potato slices aged for 24 h, but SA had a significant influence on the ρValt and ρValt/Vt values of the aged potato tuber slices. These results indicate that there are differences between the effects of H2O2 and SA on ARP in plant tissues. Both of them possess the ability to induce ARP capacity through inducing AOX expression. However, SA can simultaneously stimulate the operation of ARP, but H2O2 can not.


梁五生1  梁厚果2*


摘要:外源5.0 mmol/L H2O20.1 mmol/L 水杨酸(salicylic acid, SA)处理均可明显提高陈化24 h的马铃薯切片的交替呼吸途径容量(Valt)及其与总呼吸的比值(Valt/Vt).应用交替氧化酶的单克隆抗体进行Western杂交的结果表明,H2O2SA处理均可明显提高陈化马铃薯切片中交替氧化酶的表达水平.用氧同位素分辨法研究,结果表明:H2O2处理对陈化马铃薯切片中交替呼吸途径的实际运行没有影响,SA处理对交替呼吸途径的实际运行具有明显的促进作用.上述结果表明,H2O2SA对植物组织交替呼吸途径的影响存在差异,二者均可促进交替氧化酶的表达从而诱导交替呼吸途径容量的发生,H2O2不影响其实际运行,SA还可同时诱导其实际运行.

关键词 交替呼吸途径 H2O2 水杨酸 陈化马铃薯切片



Key words: alternative respiratory pathway, H2O2, salicylic acid, aged potato tuber slices

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