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Isolation and Characterization of Dynamin from Pollen of Hemerocallis fulva WU Ying-Jie

WU Ying Jie*, CAO Qin Hong, YAN Long Fei, LIU Guo Qin*   

  • Published:2002-06-15


Dynamin, a 100 kD GTPase first found in animal cells, is essential for vesicle formation in receptor mediated endocytosis, synaptic vesicle recycling, and possibly vesicle trafficking in and out of the Golgi apparatus. Recently, dynamin like proteins were also found in some plant cells. We demonstrate here the presence of dynamin with molecular weight of 100 kD in day lily (Hemerocallis fulva) pollen based on molecular estimation and Western blotting. The highly purified pollen Dynamin had GTPase activity, which could be stimulated 1.64 fold by calf brain microtubules in vitro. The results from electron microscopic examination showed that the pollen dynamin readily self assembled into ring like structures.

吴英杰* 曹勤红 阎隆飞 刘国琴**


摘要: 动力蛋白(dynamin)是一类具有可被微管激活的GTP型马达蛋白,被证明在动物细胞受体介导
的内吞小泡的形成、突触小泡再循环及高尔基体的囊泡运输中起关键作用。近几年,一些植物细胞也被发现有动力蛋白类似物。本研究通过分子量鉴定和免疫印迹法证明萱草(Hemerocallis fulxa L. )花粉中存在动力蛋白,其分子量为100kD;经过高度纯化的花粉动力蛋白仍具有GTPase 活性,且可被牛脑微管激活1.64倍;电子显微镜观察结果表明,花粉动力蛋白可自我组装成环状结构。
关键词: 动力蛋白;花粉;分离GTPase活性

通讯作者。Email:liuguoqin2001 @ yahoo.com.cn.

Key words: dynamin, pollen, isolation, GTPase activity

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