J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (8): 883-888.

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Marker Free: a Novel Tendency of Transgenic Plants

KAI Guo Yin, ZHANG Lei, ZHANG Hong Yu, XU Tie Feng, TANG Ke Xuan, ZHANG Han Ming   

  • Published:2002-08-21


Marker free is a rapidly developed strategy that offers a new approach for the elimination of public concerns caused by the selectable marker genes conferring antibiotic or herbicide resistance and so on. Furthermore, marker free transgenic plants (MFTPs) have a number of special advantages, such as decreasing the concerns about safety of selectable marker and stacking transgenes progressively into transgenic plants, which significantly owns potential application value. Major approaches developed recently for obtaining MFTPs were reviewed in this paper.

开国银1 张磊1,2 张红宇1  许铁峰1,2 唐克轩1* 张汉明2

(1.  复旦大学生命科学学院遗传工程国家重点实验室,上海200433;2.  第二军医大学药学院生药教研室,上海>200433)

摘要: 目前,几乎所有的植物遗传转化中都要使用选择性标记基因诸如抗生素或除草剂抗性基因等来筛选转化子。为了消除由此而引起的公众的安全性顾虑,一种全新的发展策略即获取无选择标记的转基因植物应运而生。无选择标记的转基因植物具有许多独特的优势,如消除大众对转基因植物中含有选择标记基因而引起的恐惧及可以反复地向已转化的植物中叠加外源基因等,因此,这种新策略(无标记)有着巨大的应用潜力。本文对获得无标记转基因植物的一些途径做一综述。
关键词: 无标记转基因植物;共转化;Gre/lox;;转座子;MAT 载体

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Key words: marker free transgenic plants (MFTPs), co transformation, Cre/lox, transposable element, multi auto transformation (MAT) vector

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