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Expression of Rice Stripe Virus Coat Protein Gene in Transgenic Rice Plants

Yan Yi-tang, Wang Jin-fang, Qiu Bing-sheng,He Xue-mei, Zhao Shu-zhen. Wang Xiao-feng and Tian Bo   

Abstract: Rice stripe virus (RSV) is a pathogen of rice stripe disease causing great damage to rice. The disease is transmitted by Laodelphax striatellus and three other planthoppers. RSV infects as much as 37 cereals including rice, wheat, maize and results in a significant reduction in yield in epidemic year. In order to develop efficient means of controlling the disease, authors have studied the amino acid composition of RSV coat protein (CP), synthesized and cloned the cDNA to CP, sequenced the full-length CP gene. Having inserted the RSV CP gene into plant expression vector pROK Ⅱ, authors transformed rice suspension culture via microprojectile bombardment and obtained transgenic plants expressing the CP gene. The suspension culture was initiated by inoculating yellowish, compact and embryogenic calli derived from seeds into suspension medium containing proline and maltose. After being cultured at 26℃ in the dark for about half a year, finely-dispersed and embryogenic suspension culture was estabolished. Before bombardment the suspension culture was evently applied onto three-layered filter-paper discs in a petri dish. CaCl2 and spermidine was employed to coat tungsten particle with plasmid DNA. 2.5 μl of coated particle was loaded onto bullet and each dish was bombarded three times. Immediately after being bombarded, the suspensions were cultured in modified N6 medium. 2 days later the suspensions were transferred to the same medium but containing G418, which were subcultured weekly. Being subject to G418 selection for two months, white and fast-growing clones were emerged from the brownish cultures. Green plants regenerated when the resistant calli were transferred to differentiation medium. The regenerated plants were firm enough to grow well in the greenhouse. 10 plants regenerated from G418 resistant calli were tested for their transformed nature by Southern blot using 32P-labelled CP gene as a probe. Among the plants tested, 2 plants showed clearly hy bridizing bands with a molecular weight corresponding to RSV CP gene. Western blot further demonstrated that RSV CP gene was expressed in transgenic rice plants. At present tests on the antiviral effects of transgenic plants by feeding plantphoppers infccted with RSV are being underway.

Key words: Oryza sativa, Transformation, Virus, Coat Protein

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