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Isolation and Early in Vitro Development of Young Pollen Protoplasts in Nicotiana tabacum

Xia Hui-jun, Zhou Chang and Yang Hong-yuan   

Abstract: For isolating young pollen protoplasts in Nicotiana tabacum. The authors had established two efficient enzymatic methods via anther preculture or pollen starvation pretreatment. Procedure of the first method included the following steps: 1. Cold pretreatment of flower buds with pollen at late unicellular to early bicellular stage; 2. Anther floating culture for pollen shedding into the culture medium followed by dehiscence of exine; 3. Enzymatic maceration of exine-dehisced pollen resulting in degradation of intine and release of pollen protoplasts in large quantity. Procedure of the second method involved the following steps: 1. Culture of pollen at middle bicellular in Kyo and Harada' B medium for starvation: 2. Enzymatic maceration of starvated pollen resulting in release of pollen protoplasts and subprotoplasts. Factors affecting the results of both methods as well as early in vitro developmental events of young pollen protoplasts were studied. The protoplasts could be induced either to trigger the first sporophytic division or to continue the gametophytic pathway leading germinatation of pollen tubes !ndicating their potentiality of inducing both sporophytic and gametophytic development of pathway. In rare instance a quite interesting phenomenon was observed that a pollen protoplast first divided into two daughter cells and one of which then germinated a pollen tube. It may insinuate that such pollen protoplasts initially induced a sporophytic pathway could reverse induce a gametophytic pathway.

Key words: Pollen protoplast, Isolation, Culture, Developmental pathway, Nicotiana tabacum

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