J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (2): 152-157.

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Differences of Uptake and Accumulation of Zinc in Four Species of Sedum

LONG Xin-Xian, YANG Xiao-E, YE Zheng-Qian, NI Wu-Zhong and SHI Wei-Yong   


Four species of Sedum L. were grown in nutrient solution for the comparis on of their Zn uptake and accumulation. S. alfredii Hance showed much greater tolerance to Zn than the other three species. Shoot and root yields of S. sarmentosum Bunge,S. bulbiferum Makino, and S.emarginatum Migo decreased with increasing Zn concentration in the solution, while shoot and root yields of S. alfredii increased when Zn concentration was ≤80 mg/L. At 80 mg/L Zn, Zn concentration in shoots of S. alfredii reached 19.09 mg/g.S. alfredii was also more efficient in Zn translocation from roots to shoots, while Zn concentration in shoots was much higher than in roots. However, this was not the case for the other three species. The results showed that S. alfredii is a Zn hyperaccumulator and could be useful for the phytoremediation of Zn contaminated soils.


龙新宪  杨肖娥  叶正钱  倪吾钟  石伟勇


摘要:采用营养液培养试验,比较研究了4种景天属植物对Zn的吸收、积累和运输特性.结果表明,东南景天(Sedum alfredii Hance)Zn毒的能力远强于珠芽景天(S. sarmentosum Bunge)、凹叶景天(S. bulbiferum Makino)和垂盆草(S. emarginatum Migo),其地上部和根系的干物质产量随着Zn浓度的增加而逐渐减少;当浓度≤40 mg*L-1,东南景天的地上部和根系的干物质产量均随Zn浓度的增加而增加,其地上部Zn含量、积累量及其Zn运输速率均显著高于珠芽景天、凹叶景天和垂盆草;Zn浓度低于80 mg*L-1,东南景天地上部Zn含量随着营养液中Zn浓度的增加而增加,80 mg*L-1浓度,其地上部Zn含量高达19.09 mg*g-1.东南景天的地上部Zn含量/根系Zn含量的比值大于1,而株芽景天、凹叶景天和垂盆草的地上部Zn含量/根系Zn含量比值小于1.东南景天是在我国首次发现的具有生物量大、生长速率快的一种新的Zn超积累植物.

关键词 耐性 超积累 东南景天


Key words: zinc, uptake, hyperaccumulation, Sedum alfredii

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