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Investigation on Physiological Status of Regional Vegetation Using Pushbroom Hyperspectral Imager Data

GAN Fu-Ping, WANG Run-Sheng, MA Ai-Nai and YANG Su-Ming   

  • Published:2002-08-21


To extract vegetation pigment concentration and physiological status has been studied in two test areas covered with swamp and flourish vegetation using pushbroom hyperspectral imager (PHI) data which flied in September of 2000 at Daxing'anling district of Heilongjiang Province, China. The ratio analysis of reflectance spectra (RARS) indices, which were put forward by Chappelle et al (1992), are chosen in this paper owing to their effect and simpleness against both comparison with various methods and techniques for exploration of pigment concentration and characteristics of PHI data. The correlation coefficients between RARS indices and pigment concentration of vegetation were up to 0.8. The new RARS indices modes are established in the two test areas using both PHI data and spectra of different vegetations measured in the field. The indices' parameter images of chlorophyll a (Chl a), chlorophyll b (Chl b) and carotenoids (Cars) of the test areas covered with swamp and flourish vegetation are acquired by the new RARS indices modes. Furthermore, the regional concentration of Chl a and Chl b are extracted and quantified using regression equations between RARS indices and pigment concentrations, which were built by Blackburn (1998). The results showed the physiological status and variety clearly, and are in good agreement with the distribution of vegetation in the field.

甘甫平1,2* 王润生2  马蔼乃1杨苏明2

(1.  北京大学遥感与地理信息系统研究所,北京100871;2. 中国国土资源航空物探遥感中心,北京100083)

摘要: 本次试验研究选择两个实验区 :沼泽地和植被茂盛区。利用 2 0 0 0年 9月上旬在黑龙江省大兴安岭地区获取的推帚式超光谱成像 ,(PHI,pushbroomhyperspectralimager)数据进行区域性植物生理量 (主要是叶绿素 )的探测与生态分析。在叶绿素含量探测中 ,结合所获取的成像光谱PHI数据的特点 ,在比较不同技术方法的基础之上 ,选用了有效而简单可靠的RARS(Ratioanalysisofreflectancespectra)指数。该色素指数与植物叶绿素a、b含量拟合的相关系数 (R)达 0 .8以上。利用PHI数据和野外实测植物光谱分别建立沼泽地和植被茂盛区的RARS指数模式 ,分别得到具有指示两试验区的叶绿素a (Chla)、叶绿素b (Chlb)以及类胡萝卜素 (Cars)的参数图像。更进一步地利用Blackburn(1998)所建立的RARS指数与叶绿素浓度之间的强拟合方程 ,相对定量估算了叶绿素a、b浓度的区域性分布 ,清晰地反映出植被生态状况和差异。这与野外实地考察较为一致。

关键词: 色素指数;色素浓度;叶绿素;RARS 指数;推帚式超光谱成像(PHI);大兴安岭地区

通讯作者。E-mail:fpan @ 263.net

Key words: pigment indices, pigment concentration, chlorophyll, ratio analysis of reflectance spectra (RARS) indices, pushbroom hyperspectral imager (PHI), Daxing''anling district

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