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Relationship Between Male Fertility and Endogenous Phytohormones in Photoperiod-Sensitive Genic Male-Sterile Rice

Zhao Yu-jin, Tong Zhe, Chen Hua-jun and Jin You-ju   

Abstract: A spontaneous male sterile rice plant (Oryza sativa L. cv. Nongken 58S) "Photoperiod-sensitive Genic Male-sterile Rice has been found to be male sterile under long day cycles (LD) and fertile in short day cycles (SD). The period from secondary rachis-branch and spikelet primodia to pollen mother cell formation in the process of panical development was the photoperiod-sensitive stage for fertility alternation. The phenotype of this mutant was reported to be controlled by two pairs of recessive alleles. The research on relationship between the fertility alternation and phytohormone action in this mutant have been performed by Chinese scientists since 1985. In order to study the mechanism of fertility alternation in Nongken 58S, endogenous IAA, ABA, GA1 and GA4 in apical leaves and reproductive organs in different development stages under LD and SD conditions have been quantiatvely and qualitatively identified by GC-MS-SIM method. It was found that endogenous IAA in apical leaves at the stage of pistil and stamen primodia formation and in panicles at pollen mother cell stage of Nongken 58S with LD condition was deficient comparing with those in SD. Endogenous ABA level in panicles at pollen mother cell stage, in spikelets at uninucleate stage and in anthers at anthesis stage of Nongken 58S-LD were lower than those in SD. ABA levels in corresponding organs and developmental stages of wild type of rice, "Nongken 58" were always higher in LD treatment than those in SD. Endogenous IAA, GA1 and GA4 levels in anthers at anthesis stasge of "Nongken 58"-LD were increased obviously. Thus it appeared that "Nongken 58" possess stronger resistance to LD stress than Nongken 58S. It is concluded that IAA deficiency of reproductive organs at early developmental stage, ABA decrease implying poor resistance to LD stress and reduction of GAs in late developmental stages were the factors causing the anther sterility in Nongken 58S-LD.

Key words: Rice, IAA, ABA, GA, Male sterility, GC-MS-SIM

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