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J Integr Plant Biol, 1997, 39 (10): -, Research Article
Effect of Photoperiod Treatments on Phytochrome a Levels and Its mRNA Abundance in Photoperiod-Sensitive Genic Male-Sterile Rice Mutant and the Wild Type
Wang Wei, Hong Yu, Tong Zhe, Kuang Ting-yun and Tang Pei-song
The effect of photoperiod treatments on phytochrome A (Phy A) level and its mRNA abundance in the leaves of a photoperiod-sensitive genic male-sterile mutant (Nongken 58S) and its wild type ("Nongken 58') of Oryza sativa L. was investigated. The top two leaves of each rice shoot were harvested at the end of the last dark phase of 10 cycles during photoperiod-sensitive stage for fertility alteration of the mutant. Phy A was measured by a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using rabbit polyclonal and mouse monoclonal antibodies. Compared with longday (LD) treatment,short day (SD) resulted in 38.5% increase of relative Phy A content in the mutant, only 18.5% increase in the wild type. In an extended darkness (25 h), the accumulation of Phy A also appeared to be more rapid in the mutant seedlings than in its wild type. RNA dot blot analyses with RPA3 (a cDNA clone of rice Phy A) as a probe showed:the abundances of Phy A mRNA in top leaves of Nongken 58S and "Nongken 58" were obviously higher in SD than those in ID at the end of dark phase of 5 d and 10 d photoperiod treatments. Moreover, under SD Phy A mRNA contents in Nongken 58S were more than those in "Nongken 58" during the whole photoperi- od-sensitive stage for fertility alteration. In addition, after 10 cycles of end-of-day far-red irradiations (EOD FR), the heading and flowering date of the mutant was delayed for 2 d. However, EOD FR had little or no effect on male fertility of the mutant.
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