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Cell Cycle Kinetic Analysis in the Cortical Regions of the Lentil Primary Root During Germination

YU Fu-Gen, PANG Yan-Jun, ZHAO Jian-Chun and WANG Qiang   

  • Published:2002-07-15


Cell cycle kinetic activity in the cortical cells of the lentil (Lens culinaris Medic. cv. Verte du Puy) primary root during germination was examined both temporally and spatially. Immunohistochemical and cytological evidence indicated that DNA replication and cell divisionstarted in the cortical cells of the lentil primary root after around 13 and 17 h of imbibition, respectively. The first cells in DNA synthesis and the first mitotic figures all appeared in the cortical cells about 1 mm from the root cap junction, but these divided cells had synthesized their DNA during the maturity of seed instead of during germination. The kinetic pattern of activity of the first cell cycle showed that these cells were not activated synchronously, but re entered the cell cycle in turn depending on their places in the root tip. However, the adjacent cells partially synchronously proceeded their cell cycle.

喻富根* 庞延军 赵剑春 王 强

摘要: 观察了兵豆( Lens culinaris Medic)初生根原皮层组织的细胞周期在其种子萌发过程中时间和空间上的动态变化。免疫组织化学和细胞学证据表明,原皮层细胞分别在种子吸胀大约13h和17h开始DNA 复制和细胞分裂。最早进行DNA复制和细胞分裂的细胞位于远基端1mm附近,但这些分裂细胞的DNA复制是在种子成熟过程中完成的,而不是在萌发后。第一个细胞周期的激活样式表明,这些细胞并不同步激活,而是依次进入细胞周期,且进入的次序与自身在根尖中的相对位置有关。在兵豆初生根原皮层组织中,邻近位置上的细胞的细胞周期同步化程度较高。
关键词: 细胞周期;初生根;萌发;免疫组织化学;兵豆

通讯作者。E-mail: fugen @ nju.edu.cn.

Key words: cell cycle, primary root, germination, immunohistochemistry, Lens culinaris

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