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Effects of Trichosporon sp. in Combination with Calcium and Fungicide on Biocontrol of Postharvest Diseases in Apple Fruits

TIAN Shi-Ping, FAN Qing, XU Yong, WANG Yi   


The capability of yeast Trichosporon sp., an antagonist isolated from peach fruit, in biological control was evaluated in apple ( Malus domestica Borkh. cv. Fuji) fruits, when inoculated with different concentrations of Botrytis cinerea Pers. and Penicillium expansum (Link) Thom, as well as in combination with calcium and fungicide. The concentrations of the yeast cells and pathogen spores obviously influenced disease incidence and lesion development in apples. There was a significant negative correlation between concentrations of the yeast cells and infectivity of the pathogens. When the yeast cell suspensions reached the concentration of 108 colony-forming units (CFU)/mL, there was no infection caused by B. cinerea and P. expansum with spore concentrations below 106 spores/mL in apple fruits. The yeast at concentrations of 106-107 CFU/mL in combination with fungicide (iprodione at 50 μL/L) provided control of decay caused by B. cinerea and P.expansum better than separate application. Effect of controlling gray mould and blue mould rots was enhanced when Trichosporon sp., even at low concentration of 105 CFU/mL, was applied in the presence of 1%-2% CaCl2 in an aqueous suspension.

田世平* 范青 徐勇 汪沂

摘要:研究一种从桃果实上分离获得的拮抗菌——丝孢酵母(Trichosporon sp.)对苹果(Malus domestica Borkh.)采后病害的防治效果,包括接种不同浓度的拮抗菌与不同病菌之间的拮抗作用,以及拮抗菌与钙或与杀菌剂配合对苹果灰霉病和青霉病的抑制效果。结果表明,拮抗菌和病菌孢子的浓度都明显地影响其抑菌效果。拮抗菌的使用浓度越大,病菌孢子的接种浓度越低,其抑病效果越好。当丝孢酵母菌的使用浓度达到10 8 colony-forming units(CFU)/mL时,可完全抑制接种在苹果上的灰霉菌(Botrytis cinerea Pers.)和青霉菌(Penicillium expansum (Link) Thom)(<106 spores/mL)的致病力。用106 ~107 CFU/mL的丝孢酵母与50μL/L的扑海因配合对苹果采后灰霉病和青霉病的抑制效果明显地好于单独使用相同剂量的拮抗菌或杀菌剂。在丝孢酵母的悬浮液中加入1%~2% CaCl2可显著地提高拮抗菌对灰霉病和青霉病的抑制效果。

关键词: 丝孢酵母;钙;扑海因;采后病害;苹果

Key words: Trichosporon sp., calcium, iprodione, postharvest diseases, apple

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