J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (1): 29-33.

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XCAP-C-like Protein Existing in Nuclei and Chromosomes of Allium sativa

WANG Yan, XING Miao and YAN Shi   


In studying the XCAP-C-like protein in the root meristematic cells of Allium sativa L., the nuclei were isolated from the cells and the nuclear matrices prepared. A 165 kD polypeptide, which is equivalent to XCAP-C in molecular weight, was demonstrated in the nuclei by SDS-PAGE, and was then proved to be an XCAP-C-like protein by Western blot using an anti-XCAP-C antiserum, but neither the polypeptide nor the XCAP-C-like protein was detected in the nuclear matrix. The nuclei, chromosomes and chromosome scaffolds were observed to emanate strong, specific fluorescence after labeled with the anti-XCAP-C antiserum and an FITC-conjugated secondary antibody, indicating their containment of the XCAP-C-like protein. It was confirmed by viewing with immunoelectron microscopy that the gold particles representing the localization of the XCAP-C-like protein were found to be mainly distributed in the condensed chromatin regions of the nuclei and chromosomes.


王岩1  邢苗2*  阎石3

(1. 东北师范大学遗传与细胞研究所,长春 1300242. 深圳大学,深圳 5180603. 中国人民解放军军需大学,长春 130062)

摘要:以抗XCAP-C抗体为探针,SDS-PAGE、免疫印迹、免疫荧光和免疫电镜技术,对蒜(Allium sativa L.)根端细胞核、核骨架、染色体和染色体骨架进行研究.SDS-PAGE和免疫印迹结果表明:细胞核中的165kD多肽是XCAP-C类似蛋白,在核骨架中未检测到XCAP-C类似蛋白.免疫荧光和免疫电镜结果表明:蒜细胞核、染色体和染色体骨架中含有XCAP-C类似蛋白,该蛋白位于细胞核中的染色质区域,但核骨架不含有XCAP-C类似蛋白.

关键词 SMC蛋白 XCAP-C类似蛋白 细胞核 染色体 



Key words: Allium sativa, SMC protein, XCAP-C-like protein, nucleus, chromosome

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