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J Integr Plant Biol, 2005, 47 (1): 92-99, Research Article
OsHT, a Rice Gene Encoding for a Plasma-Membrane Localized Histidine Transporter
Di LIU, Wei GONG, Yong BAI, Jing-Chu LUO and Yu-Xian ZHU
doi: 10.1111/j.1744-7909.2005.00016.x
Using a degenerative probe designed according to the most conservative region of a known Lys- and His-specific amino acid transporter (LHT1) from Arabidopsis, we isolated a full-length cDNA named OsHT (histidine transporter of Oryza sativa L.) by screening the rice cDNA library. The cDNA is 1.3 kb in length and the open reading frame encodes for a 441 amino acid protein with a calculated molecular mass of 49 kDa. Multiple sequence alignments showed that OsHT shares a high degree of sequence conservation at the deduced amino acid level with the Arabidopsis LHT1 and six putative lysine and histidine transporters. Computational analysis indicated that OsHT is an integral membrane protein with 11 putative transmembrane helices. This was confirmed by the transient expression assay because the OsHT-GFP fusion protein was, indeed, localized mainly in the plasma membrane of onion epidermal cells. Functional complementation experiments demonstrated that OsHT was able to work as a histidine transporter in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, suggesting that OsHT is a gene that encodes for a histidine transporter from rice. This is the first time that an LHT-type amino acid transporter gene has been cloned from higher plants other than Arabidopsis.
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